Standard PEP®

This PEP® Program is designed for everyone who has planning responsibility and direct reports and would like to improve his/her productivity and efficiency and at the same time to lower stress level leading to improvement in work-life balance. Standard PEP® is based on the standard theoretical background of the program and is tailor made for the specific needs of each participant.

Executive PEP® / Personal Coaching PEP®

Executive PEP® is designed for the busy senior executive who’s schedule does not allow time to participate in the Standards PEP® Program. This form is based on individual coaching approach and in addition to the PEP® theory the program addresses the specific needs of the participant.

Management PEP®

Management PEP® is conducted throughout an organization, division, or department from "the top down", building the organizational culture while developing or enhancing individual skills. Other strategies for implementing the program can be tailored to the specific organizational needs.

Induction PEP® for entry level professionals

Induction PEP® is a form of induction training aimed at entry level employees. The program is blended with the specific organizational culture and entry level training. Induction PEP® helps new employees to adapt more quickly with the organizational system and support them to build work habits suitable for the organizational and job requirements.

Flex PEP®

Flex PEP® is for anyone that needs support in adjusting their work routines to the new way of working in the flexible environment like. For anyone who is transferring to flexible working hours, distant working, frequent travelling or desk sharing.

Move PEP®

Move PEP® is a special form of opportunity that presents itself when the decision is made to move either a department or an entire organization. The program starts with PEP® principles and is focusing attention to implement tolls that support the specific activities needed for moving like equipment, archive, furniture, etc.

Outlook PEP®

During this program, we will look at how participants can improve productivity and efficiency by increasing their skills in, and examining the use of Microsoft Outlook. It has been designed to help participants take full advantage of the benefits of the PEP® program by applying the same principles to their computerized environment.

Refresher PEP®

Refresher PEP® has been tailor made for persons that have already done regular PEP®. It is to reinforce the simple and practical principles started in PEP® and to improve the working habits towards better productivity.

Seminar PEP®

Short versions of PEP® with only one follow up. The program goes trough compressed version of theory and one coaching meeting to support implementation as per individual needs. Here the participant gets a taste of PEP®, and it best suits employees whose work responsibilities do not include planning.

Cascade PEP®

Cascade PEP® focuses on the utilization of PEP® trainers to facilitate the Program while the client acts as coaches. PEP® representative trains and certify the client personnel as coaches.

Team PEP®

Clients who would like to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their team in the area of common filing, common planning, coordinates common work processes and team targets.

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