PEP® brings the best out of the people in your organization.

Organisations of all sizes streamline the way their employees work, improve business effectiveness and increase organisational efficiency. In no time, your employees will be getting more of the important things done, in less time than ever before.

PEP® supports achievement of your business strategy

PEP® is the global leader in performance efficiency and productivity. Our expert consultants are experienced with organisations of every shape and size, and can help you to transform your workforce to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Each business is unique, that’s why our approach is based on initial close work with client to understanding their specific needs, before we create a tailor-made program. Then we choose and implement PEP® tools and resources to deal with specific personnel challenges and meet business objectives. Along with our extensive ‘know-how’, PEP®WPA (Work Profile Analysis) is used to identify key areas for improvement in the client current business processes. Based on the results we support our client’s employees to increase efficiency and attain better results.

Productivity and Organizational Development

PEP® solutions help organizations to empower their employees by:

  • Gaining an average of two hours per day
  • Focusing attention on important tasks and responsibilities
  • Improving efficiency
  • Spending more time coaching, supporting and developing team
  • Managing better workflow by improving organization and prioritization skills
  • Processing distractions more effectively to remain ‘on task’
  • Using technology more efficiently to perform their roles
  • Achieving better work-life balance with less stress

An example of ROI results

Based on feedback from clients we helped them to become:

  • 48% more efficient when looking for paper and electronic documents
  • 43% more efficient in managing mail and email
  • 40% more efficient in planning work
  • 36% more efficient when working on projects and key responsibilities.

These productivity improvements contribute significantly to organizational performance. Employees are able to dedicate more time and energy to tasks and responsibilities that are important in achieving business strategy.

Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment

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