PEP® helps individuals to reach their best efficient and productive performance.

PEP® helps individuals to improve their performance. PEP® Principles support participants to work smarter, not harder and gain an average of an extra two hours per day. Individuals learn to achieve more of the important things, faster and with less effort.

Tailor-made workplace productivity improvements

PEP®’s extensive expertise in productivity training can be applied to individuals by optimising personal organisation and planning, workflow management and effective workplace communication. The fundamental outcome of all PEP® programs is to decrease the time it takes to complete tasks, allowing you to get the most out of your workday and ultimately achieve a better work-life balance.

Our programs are tailored to fit individual situations, designed to work in harmony with each participant unique working style. Our coaching provides individuals with practical strategies and tools that support better performance in any industry or role.

Personal Coacher will support you

Individual coaching sessions will work alongside each participant to help him/her to implement new skills into practice, regularly reviewing progress to ensure the achievement of the best possible results. Good habits can be instilled by reinforcing new behaviours over time, allowing the positive individual changes to be sustained long-term and preventing participants from reverting to old, less effective methods of working once the initial enthusiasm has worn off.

Measurable productivity improvements

Some key benefits of our programs include:

  • Better organizational skills
  • Increased productivity by better prioritisation skills
  • Increased sense of control over performance though efficient management of workflow
  • Better effective use of available technology
  • More time for focusing on performance by minimising the distraction of emails and phone
  • Gaining an average of two extra hours per day to spend on key, high-priority activities
  • Reducing work-related stress and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment

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