PEP® helps government employees to be more efficient and effective at work.

Government departments are often facing a huge amount of pressure to streamline, reorganize and cut-backs to perform better, complying with ever changing environment. PEP® helps to improve efficiency, changing forever the way government employees work, by providing practical solutions to shorten performance time and increase cost savings.

Increase performance productivity and efficiency

PEP® is the global leader in productivity and efficiency. PEP® consultants have worked alongside local and national government departments in New Zealand, Australia and UK.

In November 2001, a contract was signed to deliver PEP® to the entire European Commission, including all DGs, The Court of Justice, the Eurostat, Office of Publications and Court of Auditors. The PEP® program has assisted these organizations with administrative pressures and with establishing more efficient and effective ways of working.

PEP® program supports government employees to:

  • Become more organised: by organising workspaces, evaluating personal work habits, refining workflow processes and ensuring that employees understand and fulfil their responsibilities
  • Align individual, departmental and organisational goals by ensuring that everyone is working toward a common goal
  • Plan more effectively: by using scheduling tools to prioritise tasks correctly, ensuring that the most important activities and tasks are completed
  • Become more efficient: by exploring personal responsibility theories and providing tools to increase effectiveness, achieving measurable results.

An example of ROI results

The results PEP® achieved with government clients:

  • Pre-coaching reports indicated that staff spent an average of 15 hours per week on ‘work processes’ (such as organising paper and email).
  • Following the introduction of PEP® principles, participants report an average reduction of 7 hours, per week, in time spent on work processes.
  • For an organisation of 900 people working 48 weeks a year, if just 25% of employees are PEP® trained, for a period of five years the result will be 75,600 hours saved per year.
  • Extra hours available for working on the organisation’s most strategically important activities.

Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment

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