Personal Efficiency Program PEP® is the globally leading program in the field of business efficiency.

PEP® was developed over 30 years ago, and has been evolving since to enable companies, industries, sectors, and governments maximize their ROI from ‘human capital’ by maximising teams’ efficiency.


The success of PEP® program lies in its unique approach.

PEP® implementations combine group workshops with one-on-one coaching at participants' own work stations - a methodology which enables participants to apply the strategies learned to their own roles and working styles. The ongoing assessment that we provide confirms that positive changes are permanent, demonstrating a significant return on investment that is maintained over time.

Participants in PEP® learn to focus on the things that count for themselves and for the business. They will devote energy and time to the highest ‘payback’ activities and minimize the drain from low value tasks.

Our PEP® Coachers

Each PEP® Lead Coach has strong consulting and training experience with a wide range of multinational organizations.

PEP® is not a ‘one size fits all’ program

Whilst PEP® uses a theoretical template for all 30 countries and we always adapt and tailor PEP® for client’s corporate culture and participants’ specific individual requirements.

The Hybrid PEP® Model

PEP® combines classroom training and individual coaching.

At PEP® group session, the participants will get the chance to stand back and examine their managerial and administrative work patterns and workflows. They are shown how to find ways to cut the wasted effort and the loss of energy that inevitably occurs in today’s busy workplaces.

Everybody has personal preferences in the way they work and personal coaching takes these into account whilst working towards best practice. Coaching is what translates knowledge into action. Coaching over the individual sessions is what permits permanent behavioural change - which produces the lasting gains.

Most PEP® trained individuals report a 24% stress reduction.

Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment

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