PEP® History

PEP®® History

The original PEP® program was developed in 1984 by Kerry Gleeson for a Swedish bank. When doing training in the bank, Kerry discovered that people working there would pick up a piece of paper 8 times on average before doing anything with it. The fact that most people did this in the bank became the reason for Kerry to develop a program aiming to teach people how to work more efficiently. The first version of PEP® was piloted and then conducted for 10,000 employees in Svenska Handelsbanken, Sweden’s largest bank at the time.

Based on the program Kerry Gleeson has published a book, “The Personal Efficiency Program, How to Do More Work in Less Time” - a Best Seller and translated to more than 18 languages.

The Program grew to a consulting business. In 1987 PEP®worldwide Netherlands was founded and PEP®worldwide Europe was founded in January 2005, with the purpose of managing and supporting our regional operations in all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as well as monitoring PEP® quality standards throughout these regions. Today, there are 35 PEP® offices in the world.

Continuous Improvement:

PEP® has evolved over the years and makes use of up to the minute software and current workplace approaches but the fundamental principles of efficiency and effectiveness are timeless.

One of PEP®’s key attributes is that it does not need or rely on particular support systems for its use (Such as diaries, special planning materials, particular software etc.). PEP® gets mileage out of whatever people currently use, and it doesn’t require on-going purchases. It has been used to launch, support or re-kindle quality programs, change management programs, and corporate initiatives of all kinds.

Apart from simply freeing up the time and attention to participate in such initiatives, PEP® embodies personal change and continuous improvement.

PEP®® produces results immediately.

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